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Cindy Love this recipe. If you were too lazy to cut up and cook beef, you could totally switch it out with an Italian sausage and have a winner as well.
Pam Heckerson I am making this for the third time. I was just reading the comments. The recipe I see doesn't have lime in it... I serve this drizzled with a microwaved raspberry sauce I found on Pinterest. I made it once with a graham crust. I prefer it plain. It is exceptional. Don't do it without the water bath because it will crack. Thanks for this recipe. I don't switch around any longer. This is the only plain cheese cake you will ever need. You can top it or not. It is divine.
Vanessa I made this and left out the lemon and didn't use as much sour cream(didn't have enough) and it was wonderful. Everyone raved about it and now I have to make it for everyone's birthday.
Maureen love this!!