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What2Cook onto Desserts, Easter, Holiday, Pies
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What2Cook onto Cheesecake, Desserts, Pies
What2Cook It is one sheet on the bottom, then one on the top.
Karen Does one sheet on the bottom and one on top cover the ingredients? Or do you use all the sheets? Thanks, these look fantastic!
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Royce Love your site and recipes.
What2Cook Cool Whip is a processed whipped topping. The closest replacement we can find via Google is "Dairy Whip". You can also used any other pre-made whipped topping, or opt to make your own using whipping cream and a bit of sugar.
Shona What is coolwhip? what would be a substitute in Australia??
Sue Heighington That looks incredibly lush!
What2Cook onto Comfort Food, Desserts, Holiday, Pies
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What2Cook onto Desserts, Pies