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Rosanita Looks wonderful and probably tastes as good as it looks!
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Cheryl This was delicious! The meat was so nice and tender, even after I overcooked it a little. I wanted more gravy so used two cans of soup and doubled all of the gravy ingredients. Well, I kind of thought it would be too much Worcestershire but did it anyway and it was. Next time will do it exactly the same except for regular amount of Worcestershire and Ground Mustard. Other than that, I followed it exactly and it was perfect. This will definitely make it to the table again!
What2Cook I have not tried that, but I am sure that would be good too. We use brown gravy with mushrooms in it all the time, and I can see it working very well here.
Reese Has anyone used brown gravy as a substitute for the French onion soup?
What2Cook Not at the moment. We will post one up in the morning, so keep a look out for it.
Millie Loffredo do you have a recipe for Amish Potato Salad
What2Cook Of course you can. The flavor will change a bit though, but texture wise there will be no real difference.
Cindy This looks and sounds absolutely delicious! (It looks like you accidentally said vanilla ice cream twice in the ingredients instead of the can of pineapple.) Thanks for sharing! I can't wait to try this when the weather is warmer, but then, who needs an excuse to have ice cream!!
Kelley S I have fond memories of Christmas shopping with my mother. We would reward ourselves with a piece of Woolworth's cheesecake. We had so much fun!
Cheryl Thank you for the reply and fixing the recipe to include the amount of milk. I am going to make this tonight! Can not wait to try it! Thank you again.
Vickie I made this dessert last night and I LOVE it! It does taste like Woolworth's! It is so wonderfully light and fluffy and lemony. Thank you for a great recipe ♥
kelley evans Delicious
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