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Mega something different my father has done for years is to place a slice of thin sliced deli cheese inside the taco, fill with meat, then bake. Same idea as above just a little twist. In the deli they should have round cheese that can be thinly sliced that fit perfect inside the shell
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Nae I'm from San Antonio as well Michelle and know exactly what you're talking about. I LOVE Henry's, Rocky's and Mini Taco. LOL Being an Army Wife you travel a lot and to places that know nothing about REAL Mexican food. (kinda depressing) However I made these tacos today for dinner and OMGosh they are awesome. Thank you so much for the post!
Michelle Gutierrez OMG I live in San Antonio and we have a place here known for it's Puffies Henry's Puffy Tacos and Oh are they the best! I live in the 2 or 3rd fattest city in the US and this is because you can get these with a side of enchiladas, rice, beans, tortillas, chips and queso oh and tea lol all for 3.99 at lunch lol Ahhh everything in moderation.(: Hey Thanks for sharing always wanted to know how to make these!
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Debbie Great recipe. No need to worry over it being or not being a traditional pork carnitas. Make it and trust me you will make this over and over. No changes needed. Enjoy!
Sarah This was AMAZING, and SO easy. I highly recomend it. YUM!
What2Cook This should work well with a pork shoulder.
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