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Lynn McAbee I made these the other day, and they are delicious!! My friends want me to make more for them! Thank you.
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What2Cook Sorry about that. It has been fixed it up and now has everything there.
Sheila McDonald This recipe is missing some ingredients. It doesn't say how much corn syrup or how much brown sugar to use in the peanut butter sauce. I could probably guess, but would prefer the complete list of recipe ingredients. Would hate to end up with an unsatisfactory product due to incomplete instructions.
What2Cook You can use a few drops of almond extract in place of Grand Mariner. As far as the mascarpone, you may get away with a light cream cheese. Just let it get to room temperature, and beat it well. The texture and taste will be a bit different, but I am sure it will be just as tasty.
debbie can you substitute anything for the grand marnier that is not alcohol and a different cheese for the mascarpone.
What2Cook You can put as many, or as few, strwberries on the top as you would like.
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Steph This crockpot soup was amazing and very easy! Spence said we should serve it to company! Enjoy! Steph
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Rose I made this last night, it was not only delicious, it was beautiful, the recipe is a keeper, thanks for sharing!
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