Bacon Taco Shells


Here is a quick write-up on this thing I saw earlier. It is called the Baco (rhymes with taco). What is a baco you ask? Only the single most grilliant thing that has happened this decade. It is not a mere, feeble, lame taco. Oh no folks. This taco has a shell made out of BACON! And you know what they say…bacon make EVERYTHING better.

Now like many of you, the idea was one of pure joy when I saw it. However, I did not think such a thing was possible. I am here to tell you that it IS REAL! Now for the best part. IT IS GOOD FOR YOU! Do you know how I know this?

Ellen told me so. See, last week Ellen had Diddy and Mark Wahlberg on her show. They were doing a vodka tasting. Diddy happened to mention that their vodka was “gluten free”. Right after he said that, Ellen turned around and said “Oh, it’s gluten free…that means it’s good for you.”. So ladies and germs…these tacos are gluten free…that means they are good for you!


If you want to know the history of this bad boy, and how to make them for yourself. Just click this link right here.

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